Hawks Star Players talk about their strengths

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Pleasant Grove Hawks Linebacker Ezra Youngblood and Running-back / Wide Receiver RJ Collins discussed the strengths of their team and themselves.

While Fox Sports Texarkana’s Bob DelGiorno visited the Hawk’s field during the team’s third practice, he interviewed two of the Hawks’ star players. “Better than Ezra” Youngblood and “Big Russell” Collins answered several questions and seemed optimistic about the season.

Hawks Linebacker Ezra Youngblood

DelGiorno starts by complimenting the two, noting that Youngblood is an exceptional linebacker. “In middle school, I was more of a skill player,” Youngblood says. “So when they moved me to linebacker, I was able to play both at the same time.”

Hawks Running-back and Wide Receiver RJ Collins

Collins was asked if this season would be his breakout year, and while he’s entering the season with a “confidence boost,” he’s more so looking to help “the whole team benefit.”

DelGiorno asked the players about their lineup

DelGiorno then inquired who was the team’s “big hitter” this year out of the linebackers. Youngblood humbly answers, “Honestly, this year I’d say myself.” He also had some kind words for fellow linebacker Corbin Franklin and complimented his teammate’s speed. Collins also had some kind words, shouting out fellow receiver Xzavion Johnson, calling him “another speed guy.” As for what the team’s focus is on in the future, Youngblood says, “I think we’re just trying to get better and solidify ourselves as one of the best teams in the state right now.”


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