TTPD arrests man for allegedly pointing loaded gun at convenience store clerk

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Scott Daniels -- Courtesy: Texarkana Texas Police Department

TEXARKANA ⁠— The Texarkana Texas Police Department (TTPD) arrested a 46-year-old man following his alleged pointing of a gun in the face of a convenience store clerk over her refusal to buy a cigar for him.

Police say that Scott Daniels entered a convenience store in the 1600 block of Robison Road and pointed a loaded pistol in the face of a convenience store clerk who would not buy him a cigar after he announced he didn’t have enough money.

The incident occurred on July 29, and Daniels is said to have quarreled with the clerk and, police say, asked how she would feel if he shot the place up. Upon walking out of the store, Daniels allegedly pulled a pistol from his waistband and pointed it directly at the clerk.

While police were on the lookout, a TTPD officer spotted Daniels standing in a front yard.

Daniels allegedly took off running once the officer stepped out of the patrol unit, and also threw away the gun, police say.

The officer was able to take Daniels into custody and the gun was recovered. Police say that the gun was loaded with a round in the chamber.

Police determined from watching the surveillance footage that indeed Daniels was the suspect, according to police.

Daniels was charged with deadly conduct, possession of a firearm by a felon, and evading arrest. Daniels was booked into the Bi-State Jail and has a bond of $25,000.