Razorbacks Head Coach Trey Outlaw talks strategy

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Coach Outlaw Strategy

Arkansas High School’s new Athletic Director and Football Head Coach Trey Outlaw explained his game plan for the upcoming season.

Coach Outlaw joined the Arkansas High Razorbacks staff, coming in from El Dorado. Outlaw brought several coaches with him, filling up positions like Defensive Coordinator with El Dorado’s Trent Wilson. With Outlaw surrounded by coaches he has experience with and trusts, he explains that he’ll be using what’s worked in the past. “If you wanna go back and look at some of the highlights of El Dorado, it’ll look very similar.”


Coach Outlaw talks offensive and defensive strats

When it comes to offense Outlaw says, “We’re gonna be spread and multiple at the same time. We like to count here in Texarkana.” The coach laughs and corrects himself: “Well, I do!” No matter the play the team runs, Outlaw says his goal is to make the other team think. “Make ’em play left-handed, so to speak,” he says. Defensively, the head coach is looking to make opponents slow the ball down. Outlaw has also been focused on the team’s offensive line, looking to find tough players for the O-Line.

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