Pleasant Grove Hawks Offensive Line Call Themselves the Trench Dogs

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Pleasant Grove Hawks Trench Dogs
Pleasant Grove Offensive Line (Left to Right) Caleb Hackleman, Darell Smith, Matthew Thomas, Kaden Allen, Cade Martin and Joseph Bailey

The Pleasant Grove Hawks Offensive Line call themselves the Trench Dogs. The interior line for the PG football team said it describes the way they play in the trenches.

PG’s interior line consist of 1 senior and 5 juniors. Center Matthew Thomas is the senior. Caleb Hackleman, Darell Smith JR, Kaden Allen, Cade Martin and Joseph Bailey round out the Trench Dogs.

Hackleman has numerous offers including one from the Baylor Bears. Hackleman said he’s real proud of Smith for losing 80 pounds and gaining muscle.

“He’s (Darell Smith) nasty,” Hackleman said.

Hawks Offensive Line Coach helped Smith lose weight by changing the player’s diet

Smith credits offensive line coach Larry Epstein for putting him on a diet that helped him lose weight and get into shape.

Martin who alternates with Bailey said that Bailey works his butt off and has a lot of energy.

“I get my energy from my Grandfather who was a mill worker in the union,” Bailey said.

Pleasant Grove Hawks Trench Dogs

Martin who is also the team’s punter said that he believes the Hawks can win a championship this year and next.

“We’re going to get some rings,” Martin said.

The Trench Dogs are big, strong and fast. Together, they could be the solid rock for this year’s Hawks team to follow to the promised land.