Glimpse at Texas High Tigers’ team during media day

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Texas Tigers media day

The Texas High Tigers showed off their lineup and took several team pictures during the school’s media day.

Fox Sports Texarkana visited the team during their afternoon practice and media day. Several players stepped up and answered questions about the team’s direction this season. As the Tigers finished their practice, Fox Sports Texarkana’s Bob DelGiorno spoke with the team’s quarterback, senior Cody Reece. Reece says this offseason he’s been working out and the team has “done a lot of work, and we’re ready to go.” Reece says he’s a “pass type of person” but isn’t afraid to run the ball. He’s got a close relationship with his offensive line: “They go to war for me.” When asked about how he plays in the pocket, Reece says it’s all about coverage. The Tigers are looking to make it to the end, and Reece says the team just has to “stick to our game plan.” As Reece’s teammates leave the field, they cheer him on and yell out praise for their star quarterback during his interview. It’s clear this team has love and respect for one another, something several teammates opened up about during media day.

Varsity’s excited for the upcoming season

Several of the team’s varsity players stopped by and chatted with Fox Sports Texarkana’s Brayden Oliver during the high school team’s media day. First, runningback Trent Kelley said that he’s excited to get out on the field with a new team. He says he’s worked hard this offseason and focused on his discipline. Kelley says the team has worked on bonding with each other, “working to become a brotherhood.” When asked what will make the Tigers stand out this season, Kelley smiles and replies “You’ll see, it’s all gonna be on video.” Next, outside wide receiver Xavier Dangerfield told Fox Sports Texarkana he’s hoping to make it all the way this season. “Being it’s my senior season and all, I feel it’s good to go out with a bang.” While Dangerfield admits the team is young, he still thinks the team has talent. He too brings up bonding and says it’s something the team has been working on. Cornerback Tim Austin agrees, and says it helps that he’s known most of his teammates for years. Austin says this off-season he focused on grades and his education and feels it’s important for every aspiring athlete to do the same.

Coverage on the Texas High Tigers and other local high school teams can be found on ESPN 94.1 and Fox Sports Texarkana’s websites.