Bowie County Sheriff’s Office warns residents of jury duty scam

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TEXRAKANA — The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office says they are warning residents of a jury duty scam being perpetrated.

The sheriff’s office says that a call from 903-689-2243 will have a caller identifying themselves as “Deputy David Biggar.”

The alleged scammer will then inform the citizen that they have missed jury duty and there are multiple citations for “failure to appear for jury duty.”

In lieu of citations, the scammer will say that the citizen can get on a Zoom call with Judge Howell and pay the $1,000 per citation.

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office says that they will never ask for payment over the phone or over Zoom, and clarifies such attempts are a scam.

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The sheriff’s office says they do have an employee named David Biggar, the captain of the criminal investigation division. However, the sheriff’s office says he has not called anyone about missing jury duty.

The sheriff’s office says that if anyone says they are from their department and asks for money over the phone, hang up and call the sheriff’s office for verification.

The phone numbers to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office are 903-798-3149 and 903-628-6815.

Judge Howell’s Office does not collect fines or payments for missed jury duty.