Texarkana gas prices 4th-most expensive in Texas

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Texarkana gas prices

Texarkana gas prices are in the top-5 for most expensive in the state of Texas.

According to new data from AAA Texas, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.22, representing the fourth-most expensive in the Lone Star State. Only El Paso ($3.39), Midland ($3.28), and Odessa ($3.25) were higher than the Texarkana gas prices.

The gas prices were a 15-cent increase over the past week. The record for highest prices in Texarkana was $4.70 recorded on June 14, 2022, according to AAA Texas.

The cheapest gas could be found in Beaumont-Port Arthur and also Houston where motorists are paying $3.08 per gallon on average.

The gas prices across Texas rose as crude oil prices were still over $80 a barrel, and the United States’ demand increased from the prior week. The war with Russia and Ukraine is also in the background for oil markets as the supply picture is still unclear.

The demand side shows that market watchers are curious about the impact inflation and higher interest rates may have on the energy industry. Also weighing on the markets is the question of China’s reported relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions and its potential impact that it may have on fuel demand.

“Volatility remains front-and-center in the energy markets, but overall, there has been upward pressure on fuel prices,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “To get the best fuel economy, it’s important to remember to drive within posted speed limits, keep your vehicle well-maintained and use an app – such as the AAA mobile app — to see how much stations are charging in your area.”

Texas is the cheapest state in the country with $3.13 followed by Mississippi at $3.16 and Arkansas at $3.17.

The most expensive gas is in Hawaii where drivers are paying $4.94 per gallon. California drivers are paying for the second-most expensive gas at $4.52.