TISDEF announces new mission, awards over $49.5K in innovative grants

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TISD Education Foundation Member Tonja Hays shares her excitement at the total amount of grant money raised

TEXARKANA — The Texarkana ISD Education Foundation (TISDEF) announced a new mission and focus for the organization, along with the disbursement of over $45,000 in Innovative Grants.

TISDEF board of directors made surprise visits to district campuses to present the awards to staff, teachers, and students.

The independent, non-profit charitable organization, which is governed by a volunteer board of directors, says they, “will develop community support to expand resources that enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize opportunities for all Texarkana Independent School District students.”

Front Row: Julie Mitchell, Treva West, Christy Young, Rev. L.B. George, Brandon Washington Back Row: Dr. B, Darrah McGuire, Melva Flowers, Charissa Barnes, Rendi Wiggins, Valerie DePriest, Lacy McMillen, Tonja Hays, Charlotte Hueter, Glenn Moses, Denis Washington, Todd Marshall Not Pictured: Robin Carter, Ben King, Darby Doan, Mali Glass, Steve Mayo, Derrick McGary, Fred Markham, Anita Clay

“The TISDEF Board of Directors are dedicated to our TISD community and educational excellence, and I am proud to serve with them to support and enhance the tools available to the district,” president Christy Young said in a statement.

Since 2004, TISDEF, which used to be known as the Texarkana Public Schools Foundation, has awarded scholarships to hundreds of Texas High School graduates. The foundation periodically awards innovative teaching grants to employees. The funds awarded go directly to the classroom and allow teachers and other employees to implement new educational programs.

Here is a list of the education foundation’s board of directors:

Christy Young, President

Ben King, Vice-President of Development

Brandon Washington, Vice-President of Programs

Lacy McMillen, Vice-President of Marketing & Events

Martha Norton, Vice-President of Finance & Governance

Valerie DePriest, Secretary

Members: Charissa Barnes, Robyn Carter, Darby Doan, Melva Flowers, Rev. L. B. George Mali Glass, Tonja Hays, Charlotte Hueter, Steve Mayo, Darrah McGuire, Derrick McGary, Julie Mitchell, Glen Moses, Martha Norton, Dennis Washington, Treva West


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