Arkansas High outscores Sheridan 15-10 at Sheridan

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arkansas high razorbacks sheridan

The Arkansas High Razorbacks baseball team outscored Sheridan 15-10 at Sheridan Tuesday night. The Razorbacks got down early 7-3 but they battled back and pulled out the win on a night with the wind blowing out.

Luke Paxton was 3-3 with 7 RBI and was 1-hit away from hitting for the cycle.

Arkansas High Razorbacks coach Trent Wilson said it was a big win

“We found a way to win, it was a big, big win for us,” Trent Wilson, Arkansas High head baseball coach said. “Luke Paxton’s bomb in the first inning carried a long way.”

Any flight that long should have come with a movie on it.

arkansas high razorbacks sheridan

Arkansas High will play Sheridan at Arkansas High Razorback Field this Friday, first pitch at 1 p.m. Ty Waid will be the starting pitcher for the Razorbacks.