Youth conference promotes education, fun, and health awareness

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Booker T. Washington Community Development Center’s cafeteria was filled with helpful resources, delicious food, and lots of fun on Friday. An informational conference for 7th graders was held at 11 a.m.

A number of informational groups were on the scene to help inform the youth. Harbor House is dedicated to making the community healthier, and more positive. To ensure the future of Texarkana is in good hands, Harbor House educated the 7th graders in attendance about harmful substances. Children said they learned a lot about the dangers of things like alcohol, tobacco, and vaping. R.A.A.D (Resisting Alcohol and Drugs) representatives shared words of wisdom, stressing the importance of making healthy choices and steering clear of harmful substances. In addition to their insightful advice, R.A.A.D surprised the students with generous donations of book bags, ensuring they were equipped for success both in and out of the classroom.

The Pathway Resource Center also made a valuable contribution to the event, offering information on pregnancy and baby care classes for those who might find themselves uncertain about the next steps. Their presence aimed to support young expectant parents, providing them with essential knowledge and resources to navigate this transformative journey.

Further raising awareness about health risks, BeWell, in collaboration with the American Lung Association, distributed informative pamphlets and conducted eye-opening demonstrations on the impacts of vaping. Attendees were given straws to breathe through, simulating the restricted airflow experienced by those who engage in vaping. This visual representation effectively highlighted the detrimental effects vaping can have on the ability to breathe, emphasizing the importance of avoiding this harmful habit.


The cafeteria was alive with vibrant energy from the youth. To set the mood, a talented DJ took to the stage and played a medley of catchy tunes. The crowd of enthusiastic kids in attendance showed off their moves, dancing to popular hits like the Cha-Cha, the Macarena, and “Watch me Whip”. The lively atmosphere served as a perfect icebreaker, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement among the attendees.

As the day progressed, a well-known establishment, Chic-Fil-A, made a delightful appearance, bringing smiles to the faces of hungry students. They generously served up free food, offering a delicious treat to fuel the participants’ enthusiasm and engagement.

The youth conference successfully combined education, fun, and health awareness in a single event. Through engaging activities, inspiring speakers, and valuable resources, it empowered young individuals to make informed choices and fostered a supportive community focused on their well-being.

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