Texarkana celebrates annual First Responders Appreciation Day

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PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT-Vickers Fuqua (Texarkana Funeral Home) Allen Brown (Mayor of Texarkana AR) Tim O’Neal (Eagle Distributing) 3 beauty queens, Dr. Matt Young (Texarkana Emergency Center & Hospital), James Bramlett (Farmers Bank & Trust) and Bob Bruggeman (Mayor of Texarkana, TX)

TEXARKANA, USA – In a heartfelt tribute to the bravery and dedication of emergency service personnel, the Texarkana First Responder Event was held today, marking its eighth consecutive year of honoring the heroes who put their lives on the line every day.

The event, which originated in the aftermath of the tragic shooting of law enforcement officers in Dallas, Texas, brought together the cities of Texarkana to celebrate the unwavering commitment of EMS, law enforcement, and firefighters.

Hosted at the Crossties Event Venue, the Texarkana First Responder Event provided a platform for the community to express their gratitude and support for the selfless individuals who tirelessly serve and protect. The event was made even more special with the inclusion of a free lunch provided by the esteemed Big Jakes Barbecue, allowing attendees to bond over delicious food and genuine camaraderie.

The event began with an introductory speech from local doctor, Matt Young. Afterwards, Texas’ Mayor Bob Bruggeman joined forces with Arkansas’ Mayor Allen Brown to ensure the success of this year’s celebration. The two mayors declared this event was for Texarkana, U.S.A. providing a sense of unity and comradery to those in attendance. In a show of solidarity, Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, was officially declared First Responder Appreciation Day, honoring the unwavering commitment of EMS, law enforcement, and firefighters.

The mayors, adorned in colors representative of their respective cities, donned red and orange, symbolizing the unity and collaboration between Texarkana.

Mayor Brown commented on his support for the cities’ first responders, saying “the community can’t function without them.” Mayor Bruggeman also had kind words for the local heroes: “First responders are critically important in our community, and today we’re here to recognize them.”

Farmers Bank

The Texarkana First Responder Event would not have been possible without the generous support of local sponsors. Texarkana Funeral Home, Farmers Bank and Trust, and Eagle Distributing demonstrated their commitment to the community by contributing to the event, ensuring its success and furthering the appreciation for the tireless efforts of first responders.

Vickers Fuqua, representative of the Texarkana Funeral Home, commended first responders for, “helping this community through so many hard times.” James Bramlett, Market President for Farmers Bank and Trust told Fox Sports Texarkana, “We can’t tell how much we appreciate what they do for us and the Texarkana community.” Tim O’Neal, President of Eagle Distributing remarks that while 90% of 911 calls are for service, the other 10% save lives. O’Neal is thankful for the commitment and bravery all first responders show on the job.

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