Arkansas High School students selected for Arkansas Governor’s School

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Three exceptional students from Arkansas High School, Sadie Coleman, Oliver Gholson, and Chrinasia Solomon, have been chosen to attend the renowned 43rd Annual Arkansas Governor’s School.

Hosted at Arkansas Tech University, the AGS is a highly competitive four-week summer residential program designed for upcoming high school seniors who reside in Arkansas.

Selection for the Arkansas Governor’s School is based on a combination of ability and interest, making it a remarkable achievement for these talented students.

The program receives funding from the Arkansas State Legislature as part of the biennial appropriation for Gifted and Talented Programs through the Arkansas Department of Education. This funding covers tuition, room and board, as well as instructional materials for each attending student during the four-week program held at a residential college campus sponsored by the state.

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As a non-credit program, the Arkansas Governor’s School aims to provide a unique and enriching experience for a select group of the state’s most promising students.

AGS nurtures highly motivated and creative individuals by immersing them in an intellectually stimulating environment both inside and outside the classroom. The program fosters excitement for intellectual and artistic pursuits and cultivates high expectations for substantial conceptual growth throughout the entire four-week duration.

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