“Eagles Teach” Initiative tackles East Texas teacher shortage

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Eagles Teach teacher shortage

Texas A&M – Texarkana and Texarkana Independent School District (TISD) joined forces in a landmark move to combat the East Texas teacher shortage.

The TISD Board of Trustees’ August meeting saw unanimous approval for the “Eagles Teach” teacher pipeline, aiming to ease the educator deficit.

Backed by the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and the Texas Pioneer Foundation, Eagles Teach is fully grant-funded, demonstrating a strong investment in East Texas’ future. This collaboration builds upon TISD’s teacher preparation efforts, fostering a diverse pool of future educators through the TEACH-TISD initiative.

This partnership with Texas A&M – Texarkana allows Texas High alumni to gain hands-on teaching experience. Upon graduation, TISD can tap into these skilled candidates for their teaching staff.

Eagles Teach teacher shortage

Texarkana College’s past success in partnering with TISD highlights the initiative’s impact. Notably, 18 out of 20 students earning associate’s degrees were Texas High students. The P-TECH initiative, funded by the program, overcomes college access barriers.

In addition, the meeting covered the “District of Innovation” process and the T-TESS Appraiser List. The TISD Board of Trustees resumes discussions on September 27, 2023.

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