Man Flees From Police With Child in Vehicle

TTPD-Brandon Webb


Man flees from police with child in vehicle. Texas Side police initiated a traffic stop in the overnight hours in the Dollar General parking lot on New Boston Road.


Texarkana, Texas Police said that Brandon Webb fled from officers with his seven year old daughter in the car with him.

Officer Shawn Jacobs stopped Webb for a minor traffic violation at about 1:40 this morning. Authorities say he gave Jacobs a fake name. The officer was not buying it. Once he established his real name, the officer told him that he was under arrest. However, authorities say Webb sped away across the parking lot and through a nearby field. Jacobs chose not to pursue Webb because he had his young daughter in the car with him, and he knew who he was at that point.

Officers located the car abandoned a few blocks away with neither Webb nor the child inside. About ten minutes later, Officer Misty Tyler saw the little girl running alone on Celeste Street. She was crying and didn’t have on any shoes or a coat. Police say she’d been abandoned by her father in the middle of the night so he could run faster.

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Police then found Webb hiding inside a closet with one of his other kids in a house on Blanton Street. He was arrested without incident and taken to the Bi-State Jail. He was charged with Abandoning a Child without Intent to Return, Evading Arrest, and Failure to Identify. A judge set his bond at $120,000 this morning.

CPS responded out there to ensure the safety of the child.


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